Cleaning up the internet one advertisement at a time



AdVulture is a cross platform advertisement blocker that, unlike the competition, integrates untraceable cryptocurrency technology as a reward based system for using the product. This product removes ALL advertisements which will make webpages appear clearer and faster. Doing this also improves battery life on your device.

With AdVulture enabled, any advertisements that the user will receive will be blocked. The user will have the option to whitelist certain domains if they would like to receive advertisements on specific websites. Over time, the user will receive Vul (AdVulture's altcoin) as a reward for using AdVulture. This way, distribution can quickly spread out, and the users will be rewarded for using the product. Distribution in the early stages will be handed out through airdrops (see airdrop section below).



Why advulture?



Most of our competetors have websites pay them large sums of money to whitelist their domains to keep advertisements on. Also, some advertisement blockers sell information on the user to businesses to use. AdVulture will never do any of these things. Protecting and serving the user is top priority.


The Token

There will only be 5,000,000 tokens in existence. There will not be a way to make more. Early investors will have free opportunities to receive large quantities of the coin via airdrops. The token will be available to trade on different alt-coin markets in the future. 




Reward system

Who doesn't want to get paid to use an advertisement blocker? It's pretty much just free money! The users will get paid in Vul to use the plug-in. They can then trade their Vul on different alt-coin exchanges or use the Vul to unlock some premium features.


Airdrop information

Airdrop #3 will happen in the near future.

There will be multiple airdrops throughout the development. They will be completely free of charge and each individual will obtain 200 Vul for participating. This Vul may change depending on which airdrop it is.


To participate in the airdrop you must:

  • Join the telegram
  • Follow the twitter
  • Comment on the Bitcointalk Forum
  • Fill out the google doc form
  • and possibly more in the future

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask them in the telegram!


Token Allocation

meta-chart (3).png

Contact Us

Follow us on twitter AND JOIN THE TELEGRAM for updates!


Download date TBD